Fluorosis, dişlerde aşırı floridin birikmesi sonucu ortaya çıkan bir durumdur. Bu makalede, fluorosis belirtileri, nedenleri ve tedavisi hakkında ayrıntılı bilgi bulacaksınız. Sağlıklı bir gülümseme için okumaya devam edin.

What is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a condition caused by excessive intake of fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral found in soil, water, and certain foods. It is commonly known as a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth, causing white or brown stains, pits, or streaks on the teeth’s surface. However, fluoride toxicity can also affect bones and other tissues, leading to skeletal fluorosis, a more severe form of the condition that can cause pain and deformities.

Symptoms and Causes of Fluorosis

The severity of fluorosis depends on the amount of fluoride ingested over time, and the age of the individual. It can occur during the early stages of tooth development in children, or in adults who consume high levels of fluoride. Mild fluorosis may not show any symptoms, but severe cases can damage teeth, weaken bones, and cause joint pain and stiffness.

Fluorosis is caused by ingesting too much fluoride through various sources, including drinking water, fluoride supplements, toothpaste, and some foods and beverages. Children who swallow toothpaste or consume excessive amounts of fluoride supplements are at a higher risk of developing fluorosis.

Treatment and Prevention of Fluorosis

Mild fluorosis may not require treatment, but severe cases can be treated with cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers. In severe cases of skeletal fluorosis, medical treatment may be necessary to alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage.

The best way to prevent fluorosis is to monitor fluoride intake, especially in children. Fluoride levels in drinking water should be regulated and monitored, and fluoride supplements should not be given to children without a doctor’s prescription. Children should also be supervised while brushing their teeth to prevent them from swallowing toothpaste.


Fluorosis is a condition caused by excessive intake of fluoride, which can affect teeth and bones, leading to cosmetic or severe symptoms. It can be prevented by monitoring fluoride intake and avoiding excessive consumption of fluoride sources, especially in children. Treatment is available for severe cases to alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage.

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